Why Choose Us?!

Let’s be honest about this. Every digital printing you contact can’t wait to tell you how they’re the best or least expensive printer around. Maybe they are, and maybe their quality is good as well. There are certainly plenty of printing companies, so how can we be so confident that PrintForm is your best choice?

We could discuss about how are really passionate about print which we certainly are, or we could point to our 20 years experience in the print industry. We could brag about the vast range of products and services we offer and we could indeed talk a great deal about our obsession with quality, value and service.

But instead, let’s just talk about how we meet our customers’ needs on time, every time.

Expertise you can trust

PrintForm has been in the printing industry for over twenty years. Since then we’ve gone from strength to strength, embracing new technologies and investing in the future so that we can continue to deliver high quality and affordable printing service.

Best for your business

We have built our service around keeping your costs low and your profits high, saving you time and ensuring that what we print has a tangible, positive impact on your business.

Highly Skilled Staff

Quality and consistency are major features of each PrintForm job. Our employees are professionals to manage our machines, and our talented team of designers is here to assist you in designing your next printing projects.

Friendly Customer Service

At PrintForm we always offer a friendly advice and a professional expertise. Our talented designers will prepare the most unique designs for your company and our print staff will ensure that the quality of the final product will blow you away

We Use State-of-the-art Machinery

We invest in the latest technology and machinery in the printing industry offers; which places us at the forefront of digital printing in Lebanon.


It's not a matter of cutting corners and making your project fit a template. We take an honest look at how we can best deliver print projects on budget and on schedule, understanding potential problems beforehand and using creative thinking to deliver perfect results.

Quality control

Our reputation relies on us only using the best. We source the best equipment, staff and materials to produce the highest quality result, at the lowest cost. By overseeing every step, from initial concept, to print, through to delivery and distribution, we make sure our quality standards are always upheld.

No Gang Run Printing

Gang run printing is a method used by many printing companies in where several print projects are combined to reduce costs that may not always be in the customer’s best interest. We don’t do gang print runs, so your job isn’t lumped in with others prints, which negatively impacts many aspects of your printing work, such as color matching.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to ensure that all customers with whom we work are completely satisfied with the service and the products they receive and we’re proud to say our efforts are incredibly successful. But don’t just take our word for it; take a look at the glowing testimonials from our customers.

Same Equipment, Same Service for all companies

We provide the same excellent service to small and medium-sized businesses. That way our customers get the same great equipment, the same experts and the same service that is provided to some of the largest corporations in Lebanon. We’re here to help your business thrive.

Reliability and trust

Our managed print solutions are trusted by some of the largest companies and publications throughout Lebanon. Customers keep coming back because they know we always deliver what we promise.