Stands & Displays

Merchandising is a competitive area. There is a lot of loud competition to draw the responsiveness of potential customers. Having a compelling and eye-catching stand or display is a key element in any marketing strategy. As an effective, well considered and appropriately presented marketing tool can grab consumer attention and brand promotion so you can sell your product to them.

Printform has supplied a wide range of customized point of sale stands and displays design and industrial services in both marketplace and retail sector for more than 15 years, creating incredible in-store display solutions to help brands and retailers boost their sales. We have worked closely with Product Managers, Brand Managers, Retail Operational teams and Product Manufacturers to develop diverse solutions; from portable displays to unique and personalized floor displays that will convert more shoppers into customers. We also provide dressing or branding services for end gondolas at shopping malls. The purpose of this dressing / branding of gondola is to promote the product and while at the same time instilling consumer psychology in the good faith of the company producing the product.

There are many benefits associated with stands and displays for stores such as:

Elevate Your Company's Brand

Personalized display stands can elevate your brand in new ways. By being in front of the consumer, you are there for them even though your product is sold out.

Customize it your way

Many different materials can be used to make display stands. This allows you to be sensitive to your image's needs and fit anywhere on the wall, the floor, or counter of your point of purchase.

Increase Revenue

Even though online sales are on the rise, you are putting yourself in a better situation in physical brick and mortar retail stores, where someone can actually walk in, see, and buy your product.

Customer Convenience

By having a personalized display stand you give your ideal target market precisely that factor they are looking for. And when things get more convenient to the customers, they buy.