Outdoor Backlit

Who doesn’t want its signs to be bright, beautiful and draw attention at all times of the day and luminous displays easy to see during the night? That is why backlit signage is being used. Over the past few years, the cost of this high impact marketing has decreased significantly, which has led to increasing demand from businesses seeking to advertise in a new and striking manner.

Large format outdoor backlit printing has become increasingly popular. They utilize the design and graphics printed on a translucent flex backlit, which is lightened from behind in a large lightbox sign. They emit their own light in such a way that they are even more visible and striking at night than by day. Having bright, rich, vibrant colors, the light enhances the colors of your design, making your advertisement very sharp and highly effective.


At Printform, we use high quality true solvent based inks for printing outdoor backlit graphics and signs, which produce accurate color matching to your corporate brand while helps prevent fading due to sun exposure, a common problem in lower quality inks and printing materials.

Example Of Our Outdoor Backlit Services