To provide state-of-the-art service in the industry, we have invested to stay at the leading edge of printing technology and signage.

This means that we can assist you with any large scale project; printing any design onto many numerous material types, and fabricating 3D creations to your specifications.

Choosing your material can be challenging:

  • Location; will it be inside or outside?
  • Usage; does it need to be rigid or flexible?
  • Permanence; is this a short term project or expected to maintain quality of appearance for years?
  • Design; will this be a complex, multi-dimensional shape?
  • Durability; will your project be subject to high levels of wear & tear?
  • Effect; what’s the look you are aiming for?
  • Delivery; how will it get to location?
  • Installation; will it need to be built into location?

We will work with you to define the answers and get something marvelous out of it. All of these factors will influence the selection of the material.

In order to better understand these materials we have provided descriptions of each of them below.


Adhesive Vinyl Stickers

Adheres to most surfaces, it can be mounted to exhibit boards, glass, plastic, metals and painted surfaces. This type of material can be printed in various sizes and forms in order to meet a project requirement. It can be printed in large format to cover big surfaces such as walls or doors, whereas it can be made in small format to add the finishing touch to your indoor branding.


Photopaper has been developed with a special coating, which gives excellent print results. It is also instantly dry after printing. They are great for posters, prints, indoor signs and roll up. A gloss or matt finish can be applied for indoor use or short term outdoor use.

Backlit Film

Backlit printing uses translucent film placed on Plexiglass sheets in a light box, they are illuminated from behind to add stunning emphasis and extremely vibrant colors to your images. Great for store light boxes, display header and menu boards.


This smooth white poly/cotton canvas produces excellent artistic feel paintings and provides artists, photographers, galleries and designers with the resources to reproduce their artwork in large format, with fine art for private, corporate, leisure and hospitality installations.


A most widely used thin polyester material that allows the printed graphics to be seen from both sides. Used mostly for crowd flags and banners, beach flags, and many other soft signage materials. The material is printed on one side, with a mirror-image being seen from the back.


Flex material is the most affordable and durable, effective indoor or outdoor advertising. They fully custom printed, suitable for use with the most modern ink types, resulting in exceptionally clear prints, with vivid colors and durable in time. They are also weather-resistant, ensuring your printed message remains completely intact, and are ideal for events, signage at open-air festivals, sporting fixtures and advertising in city environments.

Flex Backlit

Flexible translucent film material, allowing a maximum light diffusion of all large prints, creating crisp and bright colors when lit from behind. A very durable outdoor backlit material and typically used backlit billboards, Mall displays, theaters, exhibits, transit signs or any large format display systems with rear illumination.

See Thru Vinyl

A base material with a series of fine small holes and self-adhesive backing, basically it has a printed message on one side but is see-through from the other side! For example, if it is applied to a retail window, interior buyers are able to see outside, but those who stroll outside will be able to read the advertising clearly. It is commonly used also for vehicle windows, bus shelters and offices glass separators. See Through Window Graphics is printed with waterproof, lightfast inks and can be used outdoors. 

See Thru Flex

An open-weave flexible material similar to see thru vinyl material, typically used for covering small office windows, large outdoor advertising spaces such stadium advertising or more creatively as building wraps. They are in effect nothing more than perforated flex, light and weather resistant, ideal for covering large spaces and specifically suitable in windy conditions. Such material is also very durable and they are very easy to apply.


Foamex (PVC)

Completely waterproof and with good rigidity and strength, Foamex is the most affordable and durable choice to create a sign for your shop or indoor decoration. They are practical for both internal and external signage applications, even for long term applications. It's a tough plastic material, available in a variety thickness ranging from 2mm to 10mm. 


Foamboards, are a fantastic choice for large format quality digital prints, due to their light weight, rigidity and great printing quality. It is commonly used for the mounting of prints and photographs and as backing in picture frames. Foamboard available in 5mm or 10mm and can cut with a sharp craft knife or picture framing mat cutter and formed into shapes that can be used for interior design and architectural models.


Plexiglass is a shatterproof material often used as an alternative to glass due to its extreme toughness and lightness. It is available either clear or opal: both are perfectly suited for printing fittings and furnishings, as well as information panels for shops or trade fair stands. The transparency of Plexiglass and the unique way it diffuses light make this material ideal for unconventional and striking installations. Available in a variety thickness ranging from 2mm to 10mm. 


Lightweight, robust, easily sanitized and recyclable, Correx materials are affordable, versatile and highly weather resistant, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Perfect for building site signage, road signs, production of custom display stands, the optional eyelets make them easy to install. They are available corrugated fiberboard or plastic in a variety of different colors and thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 5mm.


Cardboard is the ideal material for a lightweight, 100% eco-friendly printed product. There are different types of material to choose from, with a range of thicknesses to satisfy every need, depending on your intended use and budget. Slim carboards are ideal for greeting cards, packaging prototype and POS materials while thick cardboard is perfect for indoor signage and shop and window displays.


An environmentally friendly rigid substrate that is also moisture resistant. It is mostly used in retail settings for POP displays production and graphic applications such as Posters, Menu boards and signages. They are also greatly effective material when you need to engrave Logo, signs or any text or even laser cutting 3d letters and shapes. Available in 5mm or 10mm