Market Promo Area

The use of advertisements and advertisements in supermarkets can consumers of any new product or promotional offer in the specific areas of the store that they need to find things. One such area is the open space promotional area. The organization of products in such a place is essential for maximizing customer experience and generating isle or pallet displays provides you the flexibility to do just that.

Island and pallet displays are great presentation materials accessible in all directions. They create a major billboard opportunity that naturally appeals to the consumer, and gives your business the creative opportunity to display your products to boost sales and maintain consumer engagement.

These displays come in all shapes and sizes, limited only by the space available on the ground, store guidelines. The pallets themselves can be anything from a quarter to half the size of a normal pallet at full size ones. Even something as plain as a functional pallet can be dressed up to avoid the gaze upwards or completely concealed with a wraparound shroud. Pallet Displays give brands possibility of truly WOW.

For more than 20 years, Printform has partnered with some of the world’s leading brands for their personalized island and pallet displays. With our extensive experience and knowledge in the supermarket industry, we can guide you through the design, production and even the definition of appropriate materials to be used in creating the perfect advertising and promotional area.

Example Of Our Market Promo Area Services