Gondola Dressing

It’s no secret that retailers and brands spend a fortune on in-store activation and a lot of energy on developing of the most suitable retail display. In-store activity is important, as it’s one of the primary ways in which retailers can engage with consumers. Every category is saturated with hundreds of choices, therefore each

gondola booth needs to be designed to be aesthetically pleasurable and functional to help brands set themselves apart from others.

Some brands innovate with eye-catching graphics, shapes, colors, light, materials,, and above all, flawless interaction with the items being presented. Rather than standard gondola systems, brands can also develop tailor-made racks that allow a more dynamic presentation, space efficiency as well as a memorable visual experience for consumers.

Merchandise your products all in one place. Ranging from large-scale brand headers, footers, pos materials to brand creative promotional Gondola dressing which will certainly draw your client’s attention. For more than 15 years, we have combined creativity and industrial know-how to help brands and retailers showcase their products and communications in-store. We offer unique, multi-material gondola dressing solution in a combination of wood, metal, plexiglass, pvc, led light, etc. taking into account the technical, aesthetic, and budgetary requirements for perfect made-to-measure solutions.

Example Of Our Gondola Dressing Services