Floor Stand Display

One size is not suitable for all and each retail-shopping environment is unique which makes floor displays so critical to convert consumers who are shopping or browsing into actual buyers. Though it is possible to use a generic mass-produced gondola stand, they will never provide the same functionality as something that as what is specifically designed for your product or brand.

Floor Standing Display Units (also referred to as FSDU) are fantastic in-store point of sale display solutions helping brands and retailers expand their sales. It is a fully customizable medium that comes with your printed key visual advertising, which might then be easily rebranded by another.

As a printing and displays company we can do everything from high quality printing, prototyping, manufacturing and distribution to get your floor standing displays into any retail environment within days. We are specialized in custom floor standing display design. We can propose 3D studies for your customized display ideas and produce them through appropriate workshops with your choice of wood, metal, PVC, plexiglass, illumination and paintwork.

With our extensive experience and knowledge in the supermarket industry and their requirements, we are in a position to advise you on how to design, produce and even determine the proper materials to be used for your floor standing display for your advertising need while it meets your brief and budget requirements.

Example Of Our Floor Stand Displays Services