It’s the final touches that provide the “wow” factor. Finishing services refers to all the activities that are performed on printed materials once the ink has dried. From making your product more visually pleasurable or simply want to give it that extra bit of extra protection, or even mount it over rigid materials and give it 3d a shape, there are plenty of different finishing techniques in which can be added to the final printing job to ensure you get the effect you want.

Most of our finishing processes are carried out internally, which guarantees quality control, productivity, value, and versatility for our clients. Our finishing department is capable of creating something unique for your printing job that will bring your solutions to a whole new level.

We are more than happy to help you choose wisely.

Below are some of our specialized finishing techniques you’ll need to take into consideration:


A waterproof plastic-coated sheet applied to add strength, enhance durability and scratch-resistance, while improving the appearance of your printed project.  Choose between applying this finish in either gloss or matt finish.


A clean and minimalist way to give your print a more substantial feel and helps to protect it from bends and tears. You printed works of vinyl art will typically be mounted on corrugated cardboard, Foamex, Foam boards, acrylic and wood.

Vinyl Cutting

A cutting depth is necessary for all vinyl applications. The variable and adjustable pressure of the summa-cut tool allows a precise cutting of vinyl and film without damage to the liner material.

Die Cutting

Perfect for cutting all the way through thin materials quickly to create custom shapes. Typical applications are corrugated cardboard, Foamex, Foam boards, vinyl, and a wide variety of paper stocks. Used to cut flat-sheet material such as PVC, acrylic and wood within 150*250 cm as size till thickness 5 cm.


A perfect for scoring paper and cardboard so that it folds easily. Its crease wheel produces high-quality creases both with and against the grain without tearing or cracking the top layer of the substrate.


Perfect for producing complex structural designs out of Foamex or foam board materials. The V shape allows for easy and precise folding of cartons and various packaging under different angles.


Ideal technique for scoring foamex or acrylic board material by reducing its stiffness thanks to the use of a heating system. It stretches the board and then utilizes severe pressure to create the fold in multiple angle degree such as 60 or 90 degrees angle.

Laser Cutting and Engraving

An essential technology that uses a laser to cut and engrave rigid materials, typically used for industrial manufacturing applications. Industrial laser cutter is used to cut flat-sheet material such as PVC, acrylic and wood within 130*90 cm as size till thickness 5 cm.