Counter Display

Counter displays are an effective sales tool for promoting new items and capture the attention of your customers. They are a remarkable retail display solutions aimed at highlighting key products, typically in-store, counter top retail environments, but are also to display products at events and exhibitions.

Counter Display Units (also referred to as CDU) are custom-made to the tiniest details using the material of your choice, Wood, Metal, PVC, and Acrylic or even corrugated cardboard. There are wide varieties of templates for everything from flyers and leaflets to new products and promotional items. They are mostly ideal for make-up and pharmacy display solutions.

The advantage of this sales counter display is its size. Thanks to its understated construction, it can be placed anywhere because it takes up very little space. And yet the design of the display is quite striking. The combination of digital printing and laser cutting makes the counter display an eye-catcher that will instantly make an impact and contributes to supporting sales.

Example Of Our Counter Displays Services